Today I want to share my experience with the new mascara from Max Factor – False Lash Epic. The first thing that draw my attention was the brush. It is designed to capture and magnify every lash. And it actually does exactly this! The special zoom action tip makes it a lot easier to grab the short lashes in the inner eye corners. As for me the best mascara has always been the False Lash Effect. But this new babe has all the potential to become my new number 1.

How to apply


Push the body of the brush deep into the root to capture and magnify every detail of every lash. Then, using both sides of the brush, draw it up through the lashes.


Twist the brush tip towards your eyes and with an up-and-down motion diffuse clumps, volumise and zoom in on tiny lashes.

Blippar & Max Factor: amazing retail experience

Recently I ran into an app called Blippar, which by the way turned out to have teamed up with Max Factor on creating a one of a kind retail experience! All of Max Factor’s products have been made fully interactive with curated digital content. By blipping them, the consumer can reveal interesting and helpful information about the products and also explore tutorials on how to best apply the products.

So, go for False Lash Epic and #zoomin!

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