My first experience with Shiseido Suncare was with the liquid foundation – lightweight texture, dewy finish, long lasting. I was sure that I will never change this babe until I tried the compact foundation. Honestly, I have never been a fan of this type of textures. I thought that powders should be used as a finishing products. Now, my opinion is a bit different :).

With full coverage, but without the mask effect, this compact foundation is my best make-up friend. The sponge is of high quality and helps for the even application. The product is also best to fresh up the make-up during the day.

Even though the compact foundation is part of the suncare line, it can be used throughout the year. Don’t forget that our skin needs protection not only in summer, but also in winter! You don’t feel them but the UV rays can severely harm the skin.

The soft texture is due to the delicate powder particles. Their shape helps for the optimal reflection of the light and in this way the complexion looks more even, radiant and natural-looking.

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