A day in August

Наричат август неделята на лятото. Месецът, в който искаме максимално да се насладим на топлината и да наваксаме с любимите си занимания. Харесвам август, защото е спокоен и носи мека носталгия за вече отминаващото лято.

French Inspo: Каролин де Мегре

Винаги съм завиждала на французойките за начина, по който изглеждат. Обличат едни дънки, слагат една тениска или обикновена риза, блейзър или кожено яке и voilà, зашеметяващи са. Наскоро прочетох HOW TO BE PARISIAN: Wherever You Are , която е много неангажиращо и забавно четиво, и така открих една от нейните авторки. Небрежна прическа, без грим, уверена и тооолкова French, Каролин де Мегре … Continue Reading

Mom-fit trousers

Първите слънчеви дни след студената зима дадоха старт на дълги разходки по паркове и градинки. Хубавото време приповдигна настроението ми и желанието да експериментирам с различни визии. Като цяло, напоследък се стремя да не се хвърлям прекалено много на fast fashion, а да купувам по-класически модели. Е, понякога се изкушавам, но с мярка. Наскоро си … Continue Reading

11 tips on how to look cute & stylish in fall

Fall is definitely my favorite season! Before I used to love summer but now I can’t stand the heat! Besides, in fall I can layer my clothes, experiment with pieces and accessories. It is just the best time to look stylish! Today I want to share with you my tips on how to look cute … Continue Reading

For the love of culottes

If I have to be honest, at first I didn’t like this style. However, one morning I simply got inspired by the versatility of this model and how comfy it actually is. Besides, the culottes can be worn with high heels, sneakers and even flats. Here I have some fantastic examples of how you can … Continue Reading


This season the Portugese brand Parfois invites us on a journey to wild and tribal Africa with the powerful SS16 collection-Tribu. Inspired on the African savannas and deep forests, this trend exudes exuberance and richness. The handbags tell us stories and bring native patterns, in warm colors with a modern touch. One can find a … Continue Reading

Minimalist style guide

Minimalist style can be described in three words – clean, elegant and simple. It means to go back to basics  or carefully select the most essential pieces. Mastering the art of simplicity could be very helpful when you have to decide what to wear. However, there are a few rules that should be followed. Quality: It is … Continue Reading

Max Factor Event

In the beginning of April I was invited to a blogger’s event hosted by Max Factor Bulgaria. There the lovely make-up artist  Marina Mladenova presented the novelties. Being 7 months pregnant might be a challenge for one’s confidence (can’t believe I am actually saying this). However, the professional advice and the personal attention brought a colorful smile … Continue Reading

New in|Sonia Rykiel bag

Recently I have been obsessed with small bags. As it turns out, these babes are way more comfortable and you can carry in exactly what you really need! As for the color, I picked rusty red. Its warmth reminds me of the beauty of the autumn. Bag: Sonia Rykiel

Insta travel: Porto

  Bom dia, Porto! Located along the Douro river estuary in Northern Portugal, Porto inspires with its narrow streets, magnificent buildings, breathtaking sunsets and excellent wine.